Why choose us

Everyone at Vortok has a genuine passion for railway improvement.  That means finding ways to dramatically increase client productivity and cost effectiveness, creating solutions that are safer for workers and passengers, and bringing greater quality and efficiency to railway operations and processes.


Quality defines us

As quality is so important to us, we’ve set ourselves the target of becoming IRIS accredited.  Our experienced and enterprising in-house designers embed quality in everything they do.  Locating our manufacturing premises next to our offices means we can constantly monitor quality of workmanship. It’s not just the quality of the products we care about, we simplify the processes required for installing and using them too.


Safety is our watchword

When we design, we think safety.  We look for opportunities to improve worker and passenger safety and incorporate them.  We never produce anything that will reduce current levels of safety.


Cost informs our solutions

We only design products that offer substantial cost benefits.  We only create solutions that make significant improvements in processes and productivity and that dramatically reduce possession times.


Speed is critical

Our design team thrives on reacting quickly to client problems.  We have a reputation for the phenomenal speed with which we move from problem to prototype to production.


Green by nature

Key to the rail industry’s future success is its potential to offer a greener future than competing transport systems.  As a supplier to that industry it’s vital that we work to protect the environment.  That’s why:

  • We are well on the way to gaining our ISO 14001 accreditation
  • We seek out suppliers with green credentials
  • We invested £25,000 in equipment to cut gas usage in our factory, reducing it by 35% per year
  • We invested £500 in recycling heat from our compressor room for use in the warehouse, removing the need to heat this area