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Neil Algar

Technical Director

What made you decide to do it at Vortok?

I like the atmosphere of a small company.  You can make a real difference.  Vortok is my first experience of the rail industry and it’s a great industry to work in.


What excites you most about your work?

Finding real solutions to the problems customers present us with.


What are the two most interesting projects you’ve worked on since you joined Vortok?

The Anti-Trip Device (ATD) we designed for Thales, Austria.  ÖBB had presented Thales with a safety problem raised by the unions concerning track workers tripping.  We produced the anti-trip device to reduce the potential for this to happen.


Getting recognised as an accredited supplier for Alstom.


If you could solve one problem in the railway industry, what would it be?

Public perception, particularly of the UK railways.  People have no idea how much innovation goes into solving problems on the network - track utilization in the UK is one of the highest in the world.


How do you relax?

Going for a ride on my motorbike or mountain bike.