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A history of clever solutions

The story began in the eighties with a piece of pioneering manufacturing technology for the home; back then we were  manufacturing the wire and hooks that hold up net curtains.  We made other wire formed products too, like clips with springs and temperature gauges.


Our first rail industry innovation

It was wire that led us to come up with an ingenious solution to a costly track maintenance problem.  The owner of our company was curious about why so many old timber sleepers got burnt - he discovered it was down to wear to the screwspike holes.  In 1989, we designed the Vortok Coil, a fast and simple solution for repairing loose screwspikes.


An expanding product range

We recruited a highly resourceful engineering and commercial team, and began tackling other track maintenance issues.  We also designed products that revolutionised rail stressing and signalling.  Since 1991 we’ve been part of Pandrol, the global market leader in rail fastenings.


Vortok today

We supply over 100 products worldwide and constantly work on new innovations for solving rail industry problems.  Many of these products win prestigious awards and accreditations. Our aim with all of them is to make life easier for engineers, more cost-effective for clients and safer for rail workers and passengers.