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Modular AWS Magnet

A robust, low-maintenance range of magnets that can be installed in minutes. This new magnet technology is low weight and works with Vortok’s rapid fid mounting systems already in widespread use across Europe.

Modular AWS Magnet


  • Uses strongest permanent magnet technology available (rare earth technology) resulting in a high magnetic field
  • Minimal maintenance required - no denigration over time regardless of temperature, operating cycles or shock
  • Reduces possession times significantly: installed in minutes rather than hours
  • Flexible range with the option of using power supplies ranging from 24V DC to 110V AC with no drop in performance or special modules required
  • Reduced size of the magnets eliminates the need for digging ballast or slab-track
  • Plug coupling built into the Network Rail specification


Fact file

  • Our mounting technology is used all over the world for the installation of TPWS, balise/transducers and other equipment


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