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Automatic Power Control (APC) Magnet

Ease of installation and de-mounting of this super-strength low-maintenance magnet saves significant time and money.  The APC magnet instructs an electric locomotive to open the circuit breaker and switch back afterwards.

Automatic Power Control (APC) Magnet


  • Typical cost savings - £3,000 - £4,000 per location
  • 2-3 minutes installation and de-mounting reducing possession time and manpower
  • Uses strongest permanent magnet technology available (rare earth technology) resulting in a high magnetic field
  • Minimal maintenance required - no denigration over time regardless of temperature, operating cycles or shock
  • Lightweight assembly (no lifting equipment required)
  • Low profile so less risk of being struck
  • Attaches to one sleeper only irrespective of fastener type
  • Compatible with any standard concrete or timber sleepers
  • Does not need to be removed for tamping operations
  • Can be installed into switch and crossing sites

Fact file

  • Using rare earth magnets typically halves the size of the products.  The old APC magnet technology took up the bay between 2 sleepers
  • As with all the rare earth range, these magnets do not denigrate over time regardless of temperature cycles or shock
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