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Vortok Stressing Rollers (VSRs)

The most productive and safest roller system in the world, the VSR reduces possession times significantly.


The VSR integrates the rail jack, under roller and side roller functions into a single unit.  This ground-breaking innovation has had a phenomenal impact in lowering possession times and other costs, and increasing efficiency and safety.

Vortok Stressing Rollers (VSRs)


  • Reduces installation and removal time by 44%
  • Simplifies the process by replacing 3 pieces of equipment with a single device
  • Reduces manpower requirement by approximately 50%
  • Increases passenger safety through more even stress distribution
  • Eliminates the danger of trapped fingers for rail workers
  • A product that lasts at least 10 times longer than conventional under rollers
  • Supplied in stackable lightweight crates making handling faster and safer and lowering equipment losses

Fact File

  • In 2010 VSRs won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the innovation category
  • VSRs are used all over the world, including USA, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Scandinavia, Saudi Arabia and most European countries


Which type of VSR do I need?

Select stressing rollers according to rail fastening type.



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  • Vortok Stressing Rollers (VSRs)

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