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Patent Information

Country Patent Number Expiry Date
Stressing Roller Patents
Austria EP(AT)1907627 (E506488) 07-Jul-26
Australia AU2006271474 07-Jul-26
Belgium EP(BE)1907627 07-Jul-26
Brazil BR PI0615505-7 07-Jul-26
Canada CA2615261 07-Jul-26
China CN101228319B 07-Jul-26
Denmark EP(DK)1907627 07-Jul-26
France EP(FR)1907627 07-Jul-26
Germany EP(DE)1907627 07-Jul-26
Japan JP5216582 07-Jul-26
Netherlands EP(NL)1907627 07-Jul-26
Russia RU013174 07-Jul-26
Spain EP(ES)1907627 07-Jul-26
Sweden EP(SE)1907627 07-Jul-26
Switzerland EP(CH)1907627 07-Jul-26
Ukraine UA93513 07-Jul-26
United Kingdom GB2428445 07-Jul-26
USA US7895949 22-Nov-26
USA (broader claim) US8371225 07-Jul-26
e-clip/Fastclip beam
United Kingdom GB2347456 30-Nov-19
Clamp Beam
United Kingdom GB2471277 22-Jun-29
European countries when validated not yet known
Series Two AWS Magnets
United Kingdom not yet published or granted-application number is GB1802562.7
New Cableguard
United Kingdom 1803617.8
Australia 2019200700
Europe 19159374.1
USA 16/275990