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Clever client solutions

Thinking about the problem in a different way has enabled our designers to find original solutions to some of the most challenging problems facing the rail industry.  We are known for 4 things:

  • The speed with which we move from problem to prototype to production
  • The quality of our products and the processes for putting them to use
  • Achieving a dramatic reduction in possession times and other client costs
  • An ability to incorporate safety improvements into our designs


Innovation in rail track safety

The Vortok Safety Barrier is the UK industry standard for worker protection. During the Great Western Project, it reportedly saved a worker’s life and around £1m in project costs.


Dramatic improvement in signaling technology

Balise/transponder mounts eliminated the need for possession during ECTS installation.  We were awarded Level One supplier status (outstanding) by Siemens.


Award-winning rail stressing solution

We designed Vortok Stressing Rollers for Network Rail in the UK.  The product won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and is used all over the world.


Let us solve your problem

Our design team has come up with clever solutions for problems that have perplexed the industry for decades.  Why not tell us about yours.  Call +44 (0)1752 349200 or email us.